Who holds the record for most rebounds in a single Men's Basketball game at the Olympics?

Only four times in the Olympics has someone recorded 20 rebounds in a men's basketball game.

Marcos Leite holds the record, grabbing 22 rebounds in a matchup with Puerto Rico in the 1972 Olympics. Leite had 15 offensive rebounds and seven defensive rebounds.

Following him, Milun Marović (1972), Arvydas Sabonis (1988) and Hans-Jürgen Gnad (1992) each pulled down 20 rebounds in a game, tying them in second place for the most all-time.

A couple of players have had 19 rebounds in a game while seven have had 17, including NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki (2008).

Most rebounds in an Olympics game
Player Country Opponent Olympics Defensive Rebounds Offensive Rebounds Total Rebounds
Marcos Leite Brazil Puerto Rico 1972 7 15 22
Milun Marović Yugoslavia Philippines 1972 13 7 20
Arvydas Sabonis Soviet Union Australia 1988 14 6 20
Hans-Jürgen Gnad Germany Spain 1992 14 6 20
Ivan Sunara Yugoslavia Egypt 1984 19 0 19
Clifford Luyk Spain Japan 1972 12 7 19
Dirk Nowitzki Germany China 2008 16 1 17
Clifford Luyk Spain Germany 1972 9 8 17
Joao Jose Vianna Brazil Canada 1988 9 8 17
Rafael Palomar Mexico Japan 1976 9 8 17
Helio Rubens Garcia Brazil Cuba 1972 8 9 17
Ruben Rodriguez Puerto Rico Philippines 1972 13 4 17
Ruben Rodriguez Puerto Rico Senegal 1972 17 0 17

The most rebounds someone on Team USA has ever had in an Olympics game is 16, a record shared by Jim Brewer (1972), Tim Duncan (2004) and DeAndre Jordan (2016).

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