Former Duke standout Wendell Carter Jr. offers R.J. Barrett advice ahead of his freshmen season

R.J. Barrett could be Canada's next star
R.J. Barrett could be Canada's next star (FIBA)

After going through it himself, Chicago Bulls' rookie Wendell Carter Jr. knows what it's like to go through a freshmen year with an eye on the NBA.

That's what's facing Canadian phenom, R.J. Barrett. Barrett is already amongst the best international players in the world according to NBA GM's and there won't be a shortage of interest in him if he decides to declare for the NBA Draft after his season at Duke.

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Carter Jr. knows what that's like and has given Barrett advice over the summer.

"I've been back to Duke about two times now," Carter Jr. told "I've talked to him each time I've been there and I've just (told) him to stay focus you know...don't let your head get too high in the clouds.

"But at the same time know that you're a great player and go out and show that every night. He's been doing it so far, so I feel like he shouldn't have any problems with it."

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Before heading up to Durham North Carolina to get set for the college year, Barrett played two World Cup qualifying games with the Canadian national team.

In the two games, he averaged 13.5 points, 5.5 rebounds on 50% shooting from the field in 22.4 minutes. It's the closest level to NBA competition he's played to this point in his career and as an 18-year-old didn't look overmatched which is something that doesn't come as a surprise to Carter Jr. who believe Barrett has all the tools to be successful at the next level.

"He's a phenomenal athlete, great with the ball in his hands and is also a good off-ball player," Carter Jr. continued.

"He's also a phenomenal defender, he has just a really good all-around game which will compliment him a lot in the NBA."

All eyes will be on the young Canadian this year as he and the young Blue Devils will have a spotlight on them this season.

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