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Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins thinks Stephen Curry is 'the most unselfish superstar' and his return to the lineup might have proved it

Many around the NBA are optimistic about what playing alongside two-time league MVP Stephen Curry can do for Andrew Wiggins. It's an optimism which started the moment Wiggins was traded from the Minnesota Timberwolves to the Golden State Warriros at the trade deadline and has been slowly gaining steam as Curry's eventual return to the lineup drew closer and closer.

On Thursday, we finally got a glimpse.

Curry made his return to the Warriors' lineup after missing 54 games with a hand injury, finishing with a team-high 23 points, six rebounds and seven assists in Golden State's 121-113 loss to the Toronto Raptors.

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The team Curry played with was a far cry from the ones that he helped lead to five straight NBA Finals appearances, but it didn't take long for his teammates, mainly Wiggins to take note of his impact.

"He makes everyone great," Wiggins told reporters after Thursday's game via ESPN's Nick Friedell.

"He makes everyone play better. He finds open men. He's like the most unselfish superstar."

Wiggins was the beneficiary of three of Curry's seven assists on Thursday night - easily the most on the team.

The first was a beauty behind the back dime to Wiggins who was waiting in the lane for the delivery after Curry had drawn a double team, not to mention the eyes and attention of quite literally all five Raptors defenders.

The second came on a long pass from Curry as Wiggins leaked out for an easy layup after a Raptors' miss.

The third may be the most impressive and an example of the gravity Curry draw when he's on the floor and how much more space Wiggins will have to operate when he's playing with one of the best players in the league.

After he navigates his way through a pick and roll situation the Raptors defence collapses and forces Curry to find an open Wiggins on the perimeter.

Once Curry gives it up he continues his run to the corner and the Raptors defence has to continue to track him leaving Wiggins with the opportunity to attack the shifting defence for the layup. Wiggins will get so many more opportunities like this with Curry health, and even more when Klay Thompson gets back on the court next season. Not just for buckets either, below Damion Lee comes wide open on the Wiggins drive, which could easily be Thompson next season.

"He attracts so much attention that he's going to find the open man," Wiggins continued. "And he makes the right play, so it was fun."

Time will tell just how much Curry plays moving forward as the Warriors look to balance his playing time with remaining mindful of the big picture, namely, good health leading into what many presume to be a return to contention in 2020-21. But regardless of how often he sees the floor over the final quarter of the season, there's little doubt that Curry is the type of player who can get the most out of Wiggins, something apparent from the jump on Thursday.

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The Warriors are back in action on Saturday against the Philadelphia 76ers.

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