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Toronto Raptors guard Norman Powell donates $100,000 to San Diego families

This season of giving continues a year of giving for Toronto Raptors guard Norman Powell.

Just days before the Christmas holiday, over 200 families from Powell's alma mater, Lincoln High School in San Diego, CA, were able to go on a holiday shopping spree thanks to a generous donation from the 27-year-old. Powell, who graduated from Lincoln in 2011, donated $100,000 to help these families.

As Powell was with the Raptors in Tampa, it was his mother, Sharon Powell, and other family members that helped distribute the money to the families.

"I know you've heard pay it forward," Powell's mother told NBC 7 San Diego "And so every opportunity we're paying it forward and to our Southeast community, Lincoln High School community, we try to give back and do something there."

Powell's Christmas donation comes less than a month after he and his family bought groceries for 250 San Diego families for the American Thanksgiving holiday, per NBC 7 San Diego.

Over the summer, Powell donated 100% of the July sales from the spring/summer collection of his personal streetwear line "Understand the Grind" to Toronto-based Black Women in Motion foundation and U.S.-based Color of Change foundation.

This won't be the last we hear of Powell's altruistic endeavours, as his mother told NBC 7 San Diego that the family is considering starting a charitable foundation to help even more families throughout his home community.

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