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Report: Memphis Grizzlies will wear Vancouver Grizzlies throwbacks in 2019-20

Shareef Abdul-Rahim [NBA Getty Images]

The Vancouver Grizzlies uniforms and gear has long been a hit among NBA fans - the jersey, shorts and other apparel is widely renowned as some of the freshest throwback gear the NBA has to offer.

As reported by a Memphis Grizzlies fan podcast, the team intends to bring back those Vancouver throwbacks in the 2019-20 season.

While this is not official, Grizzlies' star young guns are already getting themselves excited. On July 18, the No. 2 pick of the 2019 NBA Draft Ja Morant saw the edit of himself rocking the throwback threads on Twitter, quote-tweeting the photo with "It's a must" while tagging the Grizzlies' official account. 2018-19 breakout rookie Jaren Jackson Jr. instantly replied with a couple hopeful emojis - both clearly thrilled about the idea without even realizing it's an actual possibility.

The very next day, the news broke that it has been reported the jerseys will be making a comeback. Morant was the first to look for official verification, again tweeting at the Grizzlies' official Twitter account.

There hasn't been any real confirmation that this rumour is true, but it's extremely fun to speculate.

The Vancouver Grizzlies wore the teal road uniforms for the first five years of their existance, from 1995 to 2000. Their final season in Vancouver (2000-01) they switched to black road uniforms with teal trim, the same uniform they wore the first three seasons in Memphis before switching to the colour scheme they have now.

Should the Grizzlies officialy return these throwbacks for next season, expect Morant and Jackson Jr. versions of the jersey to fly off the shelves in store and online.

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