Ranking the best shots from the first round of the NBA HORSE Challenge

The first round of the NBA HORSE Challenge is in the books and there was no shortage of trick shots on show.

The first round saw Chauncey Billups, Mike Conley Jr., Zach LaVine and Allie Quigley advanced to the semi-finals, with Trae Young, Tamika Catchings, Paul Pierce and Chris Paul eliminated.

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Billups will take on Conley Jr, while LaVine will face Quigley in the semis, which will take place on Friday, 11:00 a.m AEST on ESPN Australia.

From behind-the-backboard tricks, to some long-range bombs, we break down the top shots from the first round of the NBA HORSE Challenge.

1. Chris Paul grabs the leg, turns and shoots

After picking up his fourth letter, Chris Paul dug into his bag of tricks, reaching back and grabbing his leg, with his back to the hoop before spinning around to make the basket.

Points for creativity - Paul brought out the shot of the day to stay alive in the competition.

2. Quigley's 'Pistol Pete' sitting down shot

Allie Quigley got out to a fast start against Paul, making him pick up his second letter with the jumper from the wing, while sitting down.

Points for creativity and difficulty, with the homage to NBA legend Pistol Pete Maravich.

3. Conley Jr. behind-the-backboard

Lefty Mike Conley Jr. showed plenty of confidence in his off hand, coming up with several buckets with his right.

Conley Jr. sealed the win, running under the backboard and sending the floating layup back over the top and through the hoop with his right.

4. LaVine's deep three from the dirt

Zach LaVine swept through his matchup with Paul Pierce, putting his athleticism to good use with a series of reverse layups.

He claimed two letters from those, but the dagger came from downtown as he went off-road and let it fly from the dirt next to his court.

5. Billups' one-legged three

Chauncey Billups pulled off the comeback of the day, with shots like this, after falling to an early H-O-R deficit.

Shooting from deep on an outdoor court is hard enough, without adding the one dribble, right leg three-point combo.

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