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NBA TV Canada to air nightly replays of best games from the Toronto Raptors first four seasons

While TSN and Sportsnet's re-airing of the Toronto Raptors 2019 championship run has concluded, classic Raptors basketball continues on NBA TV Canada.

On March 23, the Raptors announced that for the next 25 days they would run a daily game of the season poll on Twitter to allow fans to choose what classic game airs on NBA TV Canada at 6 p.m. ET, in commemoration of the Raptors 25th anniversary.

Each day would represent one season in the franchise's history, beginning with 2019-20 and ending with the inaugural 1995-96 season.

Monday, the Raptors announced that rather than doing a poll for games from the franchise's first four seasons, they would select the best of the best and play them all, beginning with the first-ever game played at the Air Canada Centre in 1999.

From Damon Stoudamire and Marcus Camby to Vince Carter and Tracy McGrady, stick with us as we'll provide daily updates of the classic games that will air from Toronto's first four seasons on NBA TV Canada.

NBA TV Broadcast Schedule of Classic Raptors Games
Date Game (Original Air Date) Time (ET) Network
Monday, April 13 Toronto Raptors vs. Vancouver Grizzlies (Feb. 21, 1999) - Air Canada Centre opens 6 p.m. NBA TV Canada
Tuesday, April 14 Toronto Raptors vs. Los Angeles Lakers (Nov. 8, 1996) - Damon Stoudamire triple-double 6 p.m. NBA TV Canada
Wednesday, April 15 Toronto Raptors vs. Chicago Bulls (Mar. 24, 1996) - Raptors defeat the 72-win Bulls 6 p.m. NBA TV Canada

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