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NBA Trade Deadline: 'I've never asked for a trade' says Toronto Raptors guard Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry (Getty Images)

Kyle Lowry is in his seventh season with the Toronto Raptors and he hopes it's where he'll stay.

With the trade deadline approaching on Thursday, Lowry is aware of the rampant speculation and uncertainty as his name is among those which have been floated in various trade discussions.

One such potential trade, as reported earlier this week, had the Raptors offering Lowry and centre Jonas Valanciunas to the Memphis Grizzlies for Mike Conley and Marc Gasol.

The veteran point guard addressed the rumours ahead of Thursday's trade deadline, insisting he does not want to leave Toronto.

"I personally want to be in Toronto," Lowry said, as reported by the Athletic. "I've never asked for a trade. My goal is to try to win a championship here. That's what I want to do. I've heard all the rumours just like that.

"I'm sure, if anything were to happen, management would call me and talk to me and make me aware of anything that was going down.

"That's one of the things where I'm sure we have a good enough relationship to know what is going on."

Lowry affirmed to ESPN that he has not yet been informed of any potential trade.

"No, I haven't heard anything. Reassurance would be great, but at the end of the day, they don't have to call me.

"My job is, as a player, to go out here and do my job. If they want to call me, that'd be great. I would appreciate it. But if they don't, I understand."

"I think [the Raptors] will make decisions for themselves. They'll do what's best for them. I don't think there's one thing I can say or do [to change that]. I think that's just how they work, how they operate.

"They make moves for the best of the organisation. If they do something, that will be their feeling to whatever the organisation thinks is best for them."

This season, Lowry is averaging a career-high 9.2 assists with 14.2 points and 4.4 rebounds while shooting 41 percent from the field.

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