NBA Playoffs: All-time leaders in postseason career 3-pointers

Given the evolution of the game, especially over the past decade, any major stat category related to 3-pointers should have plenty of active players high up on its leaderboard.

Stephen Curry, arguably the greatest shooter in NBA history, dominates the chart for most 3s made in the playoffs with 470 in 112 games. Second is LeBron James while the next best is Hall of Famer Ray Allen, who is third with 385 3-pointers, who is followed up by Curry's teammate Klay Thompson at 4th with 374.

Here's a look at the top 10 players with the most career postseason 3s:

Rank Player Playoff Games Playoff Career 3s Playoffs 3P%
1 Stephen Curry 112 470 40.1%
2 LeBron James 250 393 33.3%
3 Ray Allen 171 385 40.1%
4 Klay Thompson 123 374 41.5%
5 Manu Ginobili 218 324 35.8%
6 Reggie Miller 144 320 39.0%
7 James Harden 128 317 33.3%
8 Kevin Durant 139 304 35.2%
9 J.R. Smith 137 293 36.7%
10 Kobe Bryant 220 292 33.1%

As you can see in the table above, there are six active players in the top 10. Among them, LeBron James and Lakers' teammate J.R. Smith could be major movers with their play, in the 2020 playoffs.

Former league MVP James Harden jumped into seventh after ranking 11th prior to the 2020 playoffs.

Other notable active players in the top 30 are Kyle Korver (254, 15th), Danny Green (252, 16th), Paul George (207, 19th), Kawhi Leonard (204, 20th), J.J. Redick (189, 24th), and Chris Paul (187, 25th).

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