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NBA's Last Two Minute Report confirms Marcus Smart's strip of Pascal Siakam was correct non-call

On Wednesday, the NBA released the Last Two Minute Report for Game 2 between the Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors.

The report confirmed that the officiating crew was 100% correct on each call down the stretch, including its decision to not call a foul on Celtics guard Marcus Smart, who stripped a driving Pascal Siakam late in the fourth quarter of a three-point game.

Down 102-99 with under 40 seconds remaining, Siakam attempted to drive past Smart from the top of the key.

As Siakam drove towards the left block, he picked up his dribble as he entered the lane, initiating contact with Smart that prompted him to swipe at the ball with his right hand to strip the ball while Siakam's momentum took him to the ground.

After a review of the play, the league confirmed that Smart did not foul Siakam and the referees made the correct decision in not calling a foul.

Per the Last Two Minute Report, "Smart is moving laterally as body contact is initiated by Siakam after his gather, which Smart absorbs. Smart then uses his right forearm to cleanly strip Siakam of the ball."

The Last Two Minute Report is the league's assessment of officiated events that occurred in the last two minutes of games that were at or within three points during any point in the last two-minutes of the fourth quarter (and overtime, where applicable). The plays assessed include all calls (whistles) and notable non-calls.

Notable non-calls will generally be defined as material plays directly related to the outcome of a possession.

Similar to the NBA's instant replay standards, there must be clear and conclusive video evidence in order to make a determination that a play was incorrectly officiated. Events that are indirectly related to the outcome of a possession (e.g., a non-call on contact away from the play) and/or plays that are only observable with the help of a stop-watch, zoom or other technical support, are noted in brackets along with the explanatory comments but are not deemed to be incorrectly officiated. The league may change its view after further review.

You can read the Last Two Minute Report in its entirety here.

The Celtics and Raptors are back on the floor for Game 3 on Thursday, Sept. 3 at 6:30 p.m. on TSN.

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