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Watch James Harden serves up a facial on Draymond Green

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James Harden got off to a slow start in Game 4 Tuesday , but with one dunk he reminded everyone why he is the likely 2017-18 NBA MVP.

Harden drove past Kevon Looney in the second quarter and drew a reach in foul on Stephen Curry.

However, it was what he did to Draymond Green after the reach which resonated in the rafters at Oracle Arena.

On the continuation, Harden went up to slam it home with Green in his face. Green wasn't going to let Harden get the continuation, but the MVP candidate wasn't backing down either.

The Rockets guard then threw it down right in Green's face. In fact, had Curry not been called for the foul, it was pretty likely Green could have been called for one of his own.

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It didn't matter though. Harden wasn't going to be stopped there.

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