NBA Players with most made 3-pointers in regular season history

Ever since Ray Allen passed Reggie Miller in February of 2011 for most career made 3-pointers in NBA regular season history, the two have remained at the top of the leaderboard but Stephen Curry is fast approaching.

Curry and James Harden are the only two current players in the top 10 of the all-time charts.

Either way, the most recent notable riser on all-time 3-pointers made leaderboard was Toronto Raptors' Kyle Lowry, who jumped to 22nd by moving past Dale Ellis.

Here are the top 10 players with the most 3-pointers all-time (regular season only):

# Player Games Played 3PM 3P%
1 Ray Allen 1,300 2,973 40.0
2 Reggie Miller 1,389 2,560 39.5
3 Stephen Curry 709 2,537 43.3
4 Kyle Korver 1,232 2,450 42.9
5 James Harden 840 2,348 36.3
6 Vince Carter 1,541 2,290 37.1
7 Jason Terry 1,410 2,282 38.0
8 Jamal Crawford 1,327 2,221 34.8
9 Paul Pierce 1,343 2,143 36.8
10 Jason Kidd 1,391 1,988 34.9

Given the recent pace-and-space 3-point revolution in the NBA, there are numerous notable current players knocking on the doors of the top 10.

LeBron James, at 14th, is at the top of that list, which also includes the likes of JJ Redick (15th), Damian Lillard (18th), Klay Thompson (19th), and Kyle Lowry (22nd).

For the complete all-time charts for most 3-pointers made in NBA regular-season history, click here.

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