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Raptors expected to win fewer games as 2018/19 NBA season over/unders are set

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The NBA season is still more than two months away, but the anticipation is at an all-time high.

After Summer League and Free Agency, the over/under for each team have been set ahead of the 2018/19 season.

The Toronto Raptors coming off a franchise record 59 wins, but are expected to fall short of that mark despite the arrival of Kawhi Leonard. The experts in the desert have the Raptors at 54.5 wins, the same total as the Philadelphia 76ers and Houston Rockets.

It should come as no surprise that the reigning back-to-back defending champion Golden State Warriors are expected to be atop the standings, leading the way with and expected win total of 62.5.

With LeBron James' departure from the Eastern Conference, the Boston Celtics have claimed the mantle as the team to beat in the East.

His arrival in Los Angeles has boosted the Lakers from a 35-47 finish last season to a projected 48.5 wins and a fourth seed in the West.

Just like it is with NBA 2K ratings, players pay particular attention to where their sides are sitting and it seems CJ McCollum is going to use the Portland Trail Blazers being listed as 10th in the Western Conference as motivation.

In a big surprise, the San Antonio Spurs have been predicted to finish ninth in the West despite finishing last season seventh with a 47-35 record and bringing in DeMar DeRozan.

Here is how every team in both conferences ranks from 1 through to 15.

Eastern Conference

1) Boston Celtics: 57.5 (wins)

2) Philadelphia 76ers: 54.5

2) Toronto Raptors: 54.5

4) Indiana Pacers: 47.5

5) Milwaukee Bucks: 46.5

6) Washington Wizards: 44.5

7) Miami Heat: 41.5

8) Detroit Pistons: 37.5

9) Charlotte Hornets: 35.5

10) Brooklyn Nets: 32.5

11) Orlando Magic: 31.5

12) Cleveland Cavaliers: 30.5

13) New York Knicks: 29.5

14) Chicago Bulls: 27.5

15) Atlanta Hawks: 23.5

Western Conference

1) Golden State Warriors: 62.5 (wins)

2) Houston Rockets: 54.5

3) Oklahoma City Thunder: 50.5

4) Los Angeles Lakers: 48.5

4) Utah Jazz: 48.5

6) Denver Nuggets: 47.5

7) New Orleans Pelicans: 45.5

8) Minnesota Timberwolves: 44.5

9) San Antonio Spurs: 43.5

10) Portland Trail Blazers: 41.5

11) Los Angeles Clippers: 35.5

12) Dallas Mavericks: 34.5

13) Memphis Grizzlies: 34.5

14) Phoenix Suns: 28.5

15) Sacramento Kings: 25.5

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