NBA Films for Fans created with OLG: 'Inheritance' by Shawn Gerrard

Gary Trent Sr., Minnesota Timberwolves and Gary Trent Jr., Toronto Raptors
Gary Trent Sr. and Gary Trent Jr. (NBAE/Getty Images)

NBA Films for Fans created with OLG is a Toronto International Film Festival Special Event, featuring films created by fans for fans, in celebration of the NBA's landmark 75th anniversary season.

As part of the celebration, will look at how the world of film and basketball world often intertwine, including a closer look at the five films set to premiere at the festival. After previewing the short film "Born Identities," we now preview "Inheritance," directed by Shawn Gerrard.

Basketball is family.

From the siblings in the NBA to the rising number of current second-generation NBA players, which is approaching 30, the family element of the sport is impossible to ignore, and it's not exclusive to the players themselves.

On any given night, parents and their children can be spotted in NBA arenas, sharing their love for the fanfare and the beauty of the game. Shawn Gerrard's "Inheritance" explores this dynamic, examining the way in which the passion and love for the sport can be inherited by children from their parents.

The short film examines this by "weaving the stories of real multi-generational NBA players with that of a father and son who become closer to each other - and their hometown Toronto Raptors - through a passion for the game."

The above trailer includes the NBA father-son duos of Mychal and Klay Thompson, Doc and Austin Rivers as well as Gary Trent Sr. and Gary Trent Jr., interpolating clips of the NBA duos of fathers playing basketball in the gym with their sons.

Gerrard, a native of Toronto and alumnus of the York University Film: Production and Screenwriting program, has a number of works to his name, including the feature film "Space & Time," which was released in 2020.

One year after he was selected to participate in the TIFF Filmmaker Lab at the Toronto International Film Festival as a TIFF Fellow, Gerrard's "Inheritance" will premiere at the festival.

Stick with for more on the NBA Films for Fans that will soon debut at the Toronto International Film Festival.

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