NBA Draft 2021

2021 NBA Draft: Fast facts on the Toronto Raptors' lottery chances, draft history and more

The 2021 NBA Draft Lottery will take place on Tuesday, June 22 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

The Toronto Raptors, who missed the NBA Playoffs for the first time since 2013, are one of 14 teams with chances to win the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming draft. While it's been eight years since Toronto owned its own selection in the lottery, the franchise did earn a lottery selection in 2016 by virtue of a 2013 trade with the New York Knicks.

Since there have been some changes in the last five years, take a look at the situation that faces the Raptors ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft Lottery, including the team's odds, how history has favoured teams in the same position and Toronto's history of selecting in the top 10.

What are the Toronto Raptors' lottery odds?

With a record of 27-45, the Raptors have the seventh-best odds going into the 2021 NBA Draft lottery. Here is how the chances break down by draft selection:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Toronto Raptors 7.5 7.8 8.1 8.5 - - 19.8 33.9 13.0 1.4 >0.0 - - -

What does this mean? The lottery drawing determines the top four picks in the draft, with the remaining picks picking in inverse order of their regular-season record. As such, the team with the worst record in the 2020-21 season can select no lower than fifth.

  • The Raptors have a 7.5 percent chance at winning the No. 1 overall pick.
  • The Raptors have a 31.9 percent chance of landing a pick in the top four.
  • Because of the lottery format, Toronto cannot pick fifth or sixth.
  • The No. 8 pick is the likeliest selection given the cumulative probability of a team behind the Raptors moving into the top four.

How have teams with similar odds fared?

2021 marks the third year the NBA has adopted a lottery system in which the team's with the bottom three records have equal odds, thus impacting the odds for the remaining teams in the lottery.

  • In 2019, the New Orleans Pelicans won the No. 1 overall pick with the seventh-best odds in the draft lottery. That selection was used to draft Zion Williamson.
  • In 2020, the Chicago Bulls had won the No. 4 overall pick with the seventh-best odds in the draft lottery. Chicago used its selection to draft Patrick Williams.

Could the Raptors be in for a similar fate? Luck has been on the side of the team with the seventh-best odds for two straight years.

Who have the Toronto Raptors selected with top-10 picks?

In the franchise's 26-year history, the Raptors have made 13 selections in the top 10 of the NBA Draft, beginning with Damon Stoudamire in 1995.

Below, find a complete history of the franchise's top-10 selections in the draft along with their stats during their time with Toronto.

Toronto Raptors Top-10 Picks
Year Pick Name GP PTS REB AST
2016 9 Jakob Poeltl 136 5.4 4.1 0.5
2012 8 Terrence Ross 363 9.5 2.6 0.9
2011 5 Jonas Valanciunas 470 11.8 8.4 0.7
2009 9 DeMar DeRozan 675 19.7 4.1 3.1
2006 1 Andrea Bargnani 433 15.2 4.8 1.3
2005 7 Charlie Villanueva 81 13.0 6.4 1.1
2004 8 Rafael Araujo 111 2.9 3.0 0.3
2003 4 Chris Bosh 509 20.2 9.4 2.2
1999 5 Jonathan Bender (traded to Indiana) -
1998 4 Antawn Jamison (traded to Golden State) -
1997 9 Tracy McGrady 192 11.1 5.5 2.5
1996 2 Marcus Camby 126 13.5 6.8 1.7
1995 7 Damon Stoudamire 200 19.6 4.1 8.8
  • Jamison was dealt on draft night in exchange for Vince Carter, who was selected No. 5 overall in the same draft.
  • Bender was traded to the Pacers in exchange for veteran Antonio Davis.
  • Stoudamire, Camby, Carter, Bosh, Villanueva and Bargnani each earned All-Rookie First Team Selections. Valanciunas was a Second Team selection.
  • Stoudamire and Carter are the only two players in Raptors history to earn Rookie of the Year honours.
  • McGrady (Class of 2017) and Bosh (Class of 2021) are the first two Raptors draft selections to get selected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

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