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NBA Christmas Day 2018: Meet New York Knicks rookie Mitchell Robinson

While much will be made of Giannis Antetokounmpo making his Christmas debut - and rightly so - the young New York Knicks team that he's set to face features an intriguing trio of rookies in Kevin Knox, Mitchell Robinson and Allonzo Trier that are set to take centre stage. recently spent time with each of the Knicks rookies to chat about their experience, the NBA lifestyle and their unique situation.

Get to know Mitchell Robinson

• No. 36th overall pick

• Did not play college basketball

• Averaging 9.8 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.8 blocks per 36 minutes

Mitchell Robinson is one of the Knicks' most intriguing prospects. His talent and athleticism at 7-foot-1 have left scouts salivating at what he could become at the NBA level.

If you haven't seen the video of him taking one dribble and throwing it down from the OTHER 3-point line, here it is:

New York knows they have something with Robinson, and with head coach David Fizdale in the fold, they're ready to be patient with him and let him develop.

Robinson told that talking to the vets on the team has helped him so far in his career and being able to work out with the two other rookies on the team - Allonzo Trier and Kevin Knox - has been comforting for him in his first year.

"We kind of talk to the vets a little bit," Robinson told speaking of his rookie year transition. "We probably sit around the locker room with the few vets that are there anyway and rap with them a little bit - ask them how it is or how it was for them.

"Off the court - like with Kev and Allonzo - when we need to get a work out in, (none of the vets) hesitates to say 'oh I have to do this or that' they come right away."

So far this season Robinson has shown flashes of being an elite rim protector and pick-and-roll finisher in the mould of a DeAndre Jordan. He's recorded games of nine and six blocked shots and his career-high 13-point performance came on an efficient 5-for-6 shooting.

The Knicks will be without Robinson on Christmas Day when they host the Milwaukee Bucks, but the young centre is certainly of one the building blocks of the future for New York.

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