Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks' championship rings are a game changer

A 50-year championship wait is befitting of at least 50 diamonds. And a lot more, apparently.

The Bucks were given their championship rings on Tuesday night in their season opener vs. the Nets, and those rings are about what you'd expect. They feature the usual bells and whistles of championship rings, including an absurd amount of diamonds, a removable face and all sorts of symbolic imagery engraved.

A single feature, though, is particularly cool: The face of the ring pops off, exposing a loop that folds out, allowing for the ring to actually be worn as a pendant on a chain. That's pretty innovative.

Here's the video of the ring in action:

Aside from the necklace, there are some other features of the ring that are pretty nifty:

  • Under the ring face, there's a QR code. When scanned, a video of team highlights throughout their playoff run plays;
  • 16 diamonds on the left side represent the team's 16 playoff wins;
  • 16 diamonds on the right side represent the team's 16 division titles;
  • 50 stones on the inner bezel for the 50 years it had been since the team's last NBA title.

Championship rings have come a long, long way. For comparison, here's a picture of Oscar Robertson's 1971 championship ring, which sold at auction about three years ago. It features a single stone in the middle of a gold ring, with some minor fixings on the side.

The Bucks got off to a good start in the 2021-22 campaign with a 127-104 win over the championship hopeful Nets.

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