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'How Bored Are You?' The chronicles of Toronto Raptors centre Serge Ibaka

While in 14-day self-quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic, Toronto Raptors centre Serge Ibaka has been doing as much as he can to stay occupied.

MORE: Ibaka builds home gym to stay in shape

Ibaka has been sharing what he is up to as part of a series of videos titled "How Bored Are You?" a play on his cooking series that is titled "How Hungry Are You?" From in-home workouts and fitness tips to FaceTime calls to his Raptor teammates, here's how Ibaka has been keeping himself busy.

Episode 12: Top Five TV

Since Serge has been spending his time watching television shows, he took the time out to share his top five with the fans.

Any recommendations?

Episode 11: Uncle Serge

Can it get any more wholesome than this?

Episode 10: Book Club

The intellectual.

Episode 10 sees Serge talk about the three books that are currently his favourites and he provides some context for each one as he introduces the title. Ibaka implores everyone to do the same and shares that he is open to recommendations from fans as well.

Episode 9: Catching up with the rookie

The saga continues, as Serge makes a FaceTime call to rookie Terence Davis, who is saved in his phone as "My Youngstar T".

As to be expected from a conversation between the rookie and the vet, Ibaka made sure to impart plenty of wisdom upon Davis, including some important tips for his quarantine diet:

Episode 8: Art 101

"I don't dress, man… I do art, bro."

Who could forget Serge's emphatic proclamation during the well-documented scarf argument between he and OG Anunoby? In a way, the feud continued on "How Bored Are You?" as Ibaka provided scarf art lessons in the form of instructions on wearing different types of scarves.

Episode 7: FaceTime with Kyle Lowry

Ibaka and Lowry have been teammates since 2017 and along with Marc Gasol, are the most seasoned veterans in the Raptors locker room.

On Friday, Serge gave his point guard a FaceTime call, where they would exchange a few jokes, talk about their respective workout plans and their desire to get back on the court among many other things.

Lowry even came up with a suggestion for Serge to take up some visual art while isolated.

Episode 6: Hustle-Jefferson checks in

He might be relatively new to the team, but Rondae Hollis-Jefferson and Ibaka shared a pretty entertaining back-and-forth.

From RHJ's afro to staying sane while in isolation to the potential of future dance lessons from Ibaka, also known as "The Original Man, 100% pure from the Motherland," their brief conversation had it all:

Episode 5: Cardio

It's no secret that Ibaka is one of the most well-conditioned players in the league. Despite the circumstances, he found a way to remain in shape by doing some sprints in the hallway of his home.

Episode 4: Home Remedies

"This is what I do every day when I wake up in the morning."

Ibaka took the time to share a home remedy consisting of garlic and honey that he takes daily in order to help his immune system.

Episode 3: Chores

No one likes dirty dishes.

Episode 3 chronicles Ibaka doing some housework, which included loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash.


Episode 2: Workout plan

"I'm just going to try to stay in shape, and I hope you do the same."

As mentioned earlier, Ibaka has set up a home gym while he is in self-quarantine. He shared his first home workout, consisting of core work, push-ups as well as some lower body exercises that were aided with resistance bands.

Episode 1: The Home Gym

After sharing a video of a delivery to his home, Ibaka began the series by showing his set up, equipped with a box, stationary bike, resistance bands, weights and hurdles, among other things.

Enough to get the job done, for sure.

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