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Game 1 loss to Orlando Magic was one of few times Nick Nurse yelled at Toronto Raptors, says Kyle Lowry

On Friday, Sportsnet aired the first game in the Toronto Raptors' championship run last season, a stunning 104-101 loss to the Orlando Magic.

It was a rough game all-around for the Raptors. Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam led the way with 25 points and 24 points, respectively, but they didn't get much help from everyone else on the roster, punctuated by Kyle Lowry going scoreless on 0-for-7 shooting from the field.

It didn't help that Orlando's point guard, D.J. Augustin, had his way with the Raptors. Not only did he score a playoff career-high with 25 points, Augustin made the game-winning 3-pointer to complete the biggest upset in franchise history.

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While on "Winging It With Vince Carter" last month, Lowry revealed that Toronto's Game 1 loss marked one of the few times last season that Raptors head coach Nick Nurse yelled at the team. According to Lowry, he wasn't particularly happy with their defence on Augustin, comparing the now 32-year-old to Allen Iverson.

"That first round, we lose Game 1," Lowry said. "Everyone's like, 'Oh, here we go again,' which is fine. We put ourselves in that hole in the last six out of seven years, we always lose Game 1.

"It was like, 'Damn, is it that again?' But we literally went into the film room and that was one of the like three times that whole season that [Nick Nurse] yelled at us. I'm talking about ... man, he was going off. He was like, 'D.J. Augustin looking like Allen Iverson!'"

"Then it was like, alright, let's figure it out. We had great veterans. We had vets. Myself, Kawhi, Danny, Marc, Serge. We was like, let's figure it out."

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The Raptors, of course, did figure it out. They won the next four games in the series to complete the gentleman's sweep and went on to win the first championship in franchise history.

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