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Danny Green on DeMar DeRozan: 'I’m sure he’ll be a Raptor at some point in his career again'

Danny Green and DeMar DeRozan (NBA Getty Images)

On Tuesday morning, Danny Green appeared on TSN's OverDrive to speak on what it's been like to be a Toronto Raptor thus far.

The one-time champion spoke about his love for Toronto, what his first impressions have been of Raptors head coach Nick Nurse, whether or not he's talked to DeMar DeRozan since the trade and how Kawhi Leonard has looked in workouts.

Green spoke about Leonard on his own podcast earlier this week, saying that "his body looks good" and the city of Toronto will be "tough for him to turn down."

According to TSN's Josh Lewenberg, the Raptors will hold a press conference to introduce both Green and Leonard on Friday, Sept. 21.

As an opponent, was Toronto a place that you circled on the calendar as a good stop to visit?

"Of course. (Toronto) is one of every NBA players' favourite cities to visit. Most guys I've spoken to would have Toronto in their top three cities to visit."

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Have you actually heard Kawhi speak before?

"Everybody asks that, but if he knows you and likes you he speaks. I know he doesn't speak to the media much but he does speak. He's actually a pretty good leader … it's been good to see him develop over the years and become a great player but an even better leader. He communicates a ton more than when he started out."

And does he look 100% working out?

"Yeah for sure. I'm sure he's itching to get back on the court and I'm anxious to play with him again, it's been a full year."

You're going to give (Nick Nurse) some time before you compare and contrast him with (Gregg Popovich) right?

"Of course. So far so good. I'm loving the system and I'm loving how he's handling things. I'm loving how open minded he is - searching for information in all different areas and even different coaches from different sports. He's been giving us insight on what he's learning and he gives us the opportunity to speak out on things we've learned and what's worked."

Have you connected at all with DeMar DeRozan since the trade?

"I haven't yet. He's come a very long way as a player, though, I'm impressed. I haven't gotten a chance to recently connect with him but it's always a lot of love and respect when I do see him. I know he took it tough but I think he's going to fit in great over there. It's probably a blessing for him as well to be able to compete in the West against some great competition night in and night out. Someday I'm sure he'll be a Raptor at some point in his career again. Trades happen, but he's still in a very good situation."

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