Celebrate Vinsanity

Celebrate Vinsanity with user-friendly mobile AR experience of 2000 NBA Dunk Contest

All week long here on NBA.com we're celebrating the amazing accomplishments and enduring legacy of Vince Carter who decided to call it a career after an awe-inspiring career that spanned a record 22 seasons. For more never-before-seen Carter content, check out ThankYouVince.com which features an interactive look back through the defining moments including never-before-seen content.

Do you remember where you were on February 12, 2000? That is, of course, the date on which Vince Carter put forth an unforgettable performance in the NBA's Slam Dunk Contest, capturing the crown in his lone contest appearance.

Now, imagine what the widespread reaction to Carter's legendary performance would have been like had there been outlets like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for fans to take to.

While nothing will quite compare to getting the actual footage from that magical night in Oakland, a new augmented reality experience allows you to add an animated version of Carter completing his iconic between-the-legs dunk on your Instagram story.

By following this link (mobile only), you can create your own personalized version of an Instagram story featuring the iconic moment.

Having already done so personally, I can say that it's a fun, user-friendly experience worth checking out. The animation is detailed down to Carter's white and red AND1 Tai-Chi sneaker and the player model can be sized and positioned to your liking, including the opportunity to display the dunk from any angle as if you were at the Arena in Oakland.

For more creative assets documenting Carter's legendary career, head to ThankYouVince.com, which includes a "Print Shop" section that includes a number of free posters, prints and digital wallpapers designed by 15 visual artists from around the world.

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