Oklahoma City Thunder

Damian Lillard's game-winner
NBA Twitter in awe of Lillard's game-winner
Yash Matange
Damian Lillard and Paul George
PG on Lillard: 'It was his night'
Yash Matange
Player of the Night: Damian Lillard
Kyle Irving
Damian Lillard celebrates after knocking down the game-winner.
Takeaways: Lillard hits game-winner to clinch series over Thunder
Kyle Irving and James McKern
Jamal Murray
Raptors, 76ers, Nuggets, Blazers win Game 5's
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Key questions for Tuesday's Game 5s
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Player of the Day: Kawhi Leonard
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Takeaways from Game 4 of Blazers-Thunder
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Paul George
PG's message to the team for Game 5 in Portland
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Complete first round playoff schedule
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Celtics, Warriors, Raptors, Blazers secure Game 4 wins
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What to watch for in Sunday's Game 4s
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Player of the Night: Russell Westbrook
Kyle Irving
Lillard on Schroder's trash talk: 'I thought it was funny he waited so late'
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Takeaways: Westbrook's big game leads Thunder past Blazers
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Highlights from Day 7 of the NBA playoffs
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#Gasol Tatum Westbrook
Five key things to watch for in Friday's Game 3s
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Global Debate - First Round Concerns
Global Debate: Which higher seed should be most concerned?
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Playoff rookie records by active players
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Russell Westbrook
Westbrook: 'The way I played was unacceptable'
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Player of the Day: Kawhi Leonard
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CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard
Takeaways: Backcourt spurs Blazers to comfortable Game 2 win
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Raptors and Nuggets level series, Blazers go 2-0 up
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What to watch for in Tuesday's Game 2's
Kyle Irving