Los Angeles Lakers

What's at stake for the NBA's biggest stars?
What's at stake for the stars?
Micah Adams
Lakers announce signing of J.R. Smith
NBA.com Staff
LeBron James Carmelo Anthony
20 milestones to watch for in Orlando
Juan Estevez
The defining images of LeBron's season
Scott Rafferty
Roster updates for teams playing in Orlando
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Lakers remaining schedule
NBA.com Staff
What's left to settle over final eight games of reg season?
Scott Rafferty
The NBA unveiled its plans for returning at Disney World.
NBA's detailed plans for restart
Tim Reynolds, Associated Press
2010 NBA Champions - the Los Angeles Lakers
OTD: Kobe, Lakers edge Celtics in Game 7 of 2010 Finals
Yash Matange
Casting doubt on LeBron and the Lakers
Scott Rafferty and Micah Adams
The greatest shots in NBA postseason history.
Was MJ's shot the greatest ever?
Micah Adams
Paul Pierce and Kobe Bryant
OTD: Celtics record 24-pt comeback win vs. Lakers in 08
Yash Matange
Lillard on Lakers: "I think we could beat them"
Gilbert McGregor
Players participate in protests for George Floyd
NBA.com Staff
The Raptors have the inside track for the 2 seed in the East.
Where do Raps rank among 22 teams left?
Micah Adams
LeBron Soundsystem
Soundsystem Live: How many MVPs should LeBron have?
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Shaq vs. 76ers in Game 2 of the 2001 Finals
OTD: Shaq's dominant Game 2 of the 2001 Finals
Yash Matange
Kareem talks injustice, health inequity and more
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Current standings, Playoff Picture
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LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant with the Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy
Updated odds to win NBA title
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Lakers vs. Blazers - Game 7 of the 2000 WCF
OTD: Lakers rally from 15 down in Game 7 of 2000 WCF
Yash Matange
LeBron James
Could break in action benefit LeBron & Lakers?
Sidd Sinha
Are LeBron's clutch numbers cause for concern?
Scott Rafferty
Who should win DPOY?
Scott Rafferty